Title: Food Grade Cupboard

Healthy Cup Board For Food Storage or your stuff with High Quality Materials In All Components, Certified From E1 

Panel Material :

Chipboard is a board made of wood raw materials (wood chips, sawdust, etc.) obtained by mixing and hot pressing of glue and hardener and has a wide application area. The laminated panels are produced in different thicknesses and different qualities within certain parameters.

Plastic Material :

“food grade,” material, non-toxic and safe for consumption, suitable for applications that require good durability, excellent processability and dimensional stability.

Multi Purpose Organizer :

Boxes Size : 

  • Large Box : 40 Width - 30 Length - 22.5 Depth 
  • Medium Box : 40 Width - 30 Length - 10 Depth
  • Small Box : 30 Width - 21 Length - 10 Depth 
  • Containers for displaying food products: ice cream, dairy products...
  • Trays, boxes, cups and round containers for processed foods.
  • Flower pots, lids, lids, cosmetic bottles...
  • Video boxes. Casings for DVD, CD-R and CD-RW optical storage systems.
  • REPSOL ISPLEN PB199A3M complies with European directives for materials intended for food contact.
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