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Voyage Metal Desk - Cross

Voyage Metal Desk - Cross

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Modern turkish makeup offices, simple appearance with power, heavy and fixed on the floor of modern design with ultra-durable to durable.

Product details:

Metal office Voyage

Color: pine

Width: 100 cm

Depth: 60 cm

Height: 75 cm

Metal type:

Metal parts are made of iron world first class 20*20.

Wood type:

It is made of melamine plates-granulator size 18mm with euro one E1 certificate

In general, the possible problems that can be faced in products of the same size but sold at a much cheapest price as below;

  • Quality of raw materials:If the materials of the second degree are excruciating, there is a possibility that it will be cancer-generating god and beyond.
  • Quality of product parts:If the quality of the parts of the product is low, it will lead to vibration and non-fastness.
  • Quality of joints:If it is of low quality, it will rust over time.

Our products?

  • As the dimensions of products for certified brands are full of one another, then it will be compatible with other products of the same model.
  • All of our products are raw materials that do not have theater materials by world standard.
  • High quality wood panel18mm thick.
  • All parts of the product are manufactured with care in high-tech machines with computer help.
  • Iron coating with special rust prevention machines.


Used materials

Wooden granulator-melamine board-18mm thick-european quality standard.

World first degree iron, with high quality technology 20*20 Box file.

Computer technology iron coating with the same focus to unify color and density and to prevent rust.

Product installation

  • Provide a road installation scheme, all the tools for assembly.
  • Numbering all parts to facilitate installation.
  • Easy and concrete clear steps.
  • The product is characterized by unfolding and installation several times.

Packaging system

  • To prevent any injury packaging is made by the use of materials by international standard.
  • First class duplex cartons and beehive cartoon boxes for packing.
  • Packed in heavy first-class cartons with a weight of 150 grams.

Charging system

The product is send screwdriver or on request.

Cleaning care

The product needs to be brushed with a slightly wet cloth without the use of strong chemicals

Product quality

  • Quality of raw materials: Raw materials are first-class and are not exposed to zero or swelling.
  • Quality of product parts: High quality and degree of possibility, minimizing the possibility of injury.
  • Quality of lounges: Of high quality, and not exposed to rust over time.
  • All of our products are manufactured from raw materials that do not have theater materials in line with world standard.
  • High quality wood panel 18mm thick.
  • All parts of the product are meticulous processing in high-tech machines with computer help.
  • Packed in heavy first-class cartons with a weight of 150 grams.
  • The installation scheme is hinge and all assembly and installation supplies are included in the box.
  • All parts of the product are set up in a very special numbering way that makes the installation easy.
  • The possibility of decoding and installation of the product several times for the quality of the materials used per cutting.

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