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Voyage Metal Desk - L-Shelfs R

Voyage Metal Desk - L-Shelfs R

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Modern Turkish Voyage desks, simplicity of appearance with strength, heavy and steady on the floor of modern designs with superior durability to last.

Metal Type :

Iron Metal parts are made of 1st class 20*20 box profile.

Wood Type : 

It is produced from 18mm particle boards/melamine chipboard  in 1st class European E1 quality standards.


Product Details :

  • Voyage Metal Desk 
  • Color: pine
  • Width : 1200 mm
  • Depth : 600 mm
  • Height : 750 mm


In general, the possible problems that can be encountered in products of the same size but sold at a much cheaper price are as follows;

 Quality of raw materials: If the materials are of the second degree, they cause yellowing, and there is a possibility that they are carcinogenic.

 Quality of product parts: If the quality of parts of the product is low, which leads to vibration and instability.

 Quality of hinges: If they are of low quality, this will lead to rust over time.

Our products?

• Since the product dimensions of trusted brands are complementary to each other, they will be compatible with other products of the same model.

• All our products are made from raw materials that do not contain carcinogens, according to international standards.

• High quality wood board with a thickness of 18 mm.

• All parts of the product are carefully manufactured in high-tech computer aided machines.

• Paint iron with special machines to prevent rust.



Material Used

  • Particleboard - Melamine board - 18 mm thick - European quality standards.
  • World first class iron, with high quality technology of 20 * 20 Box profile.
  • First class texture paint is used on the metal parts of the product
  • All materials have grade: 1st class European E1 quality standards


Product installation

  • Provide detailed installation diagram, and all tools needed for assembly.
  • All parts are numbered to make installation easy.
  • The installation steps are concretely easy and clear.
  • The product is characterized by being disassembled and installed several times.

Packaging System

  • To avoid any damage, packaging is done using materials according to international standards.
  • First-class duplex cartons and honeycomb boxes for packaging.
  • Packed in first class heavy carton of 150g.


Shipping System

The product is sent disassembled or as requested.

Cleaning Care

The product should be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth without the use of strong chemicals



Product Quality 👌

  • Raw material quality:  First-grade raw materials which does not face any yellowing or swelling.
  • Cutting workmanship: high quality Cutting workmanship which ease the assembly process.
  • PVC tape quality: First class, top notch PVC tape is applied to all parts of the product.  with high visual quality, and long shelf life.
  • Quality of accessories: high quality hinges which do not sag on the caps, and high quality knobs which do not rust over time.
  • Since the measurements of branded products are complementary to each other, they will be in perfect harmony with other the products you will buy.
  • Produced from raw materials that do not contain carcinogens in accordance with E1 standards.
  • Produced from high quality plywood with a thickness of 18 mm.
  • All parts of the product are carefully processed in high-tech computer-assisted CNC machines.
  • Packed in first class heavy carton of 150g.
  • Detailed installation diagram, all kinds of hardware and fixings needed for assembly and installation are available.
  • All parts of the product are numbered with a special numbering method that facilitates installation.

Shipping policy 🔻

Free delivery to all countries

- Delivery time: Gulf (2-5) days
- Jordan within 24 hours

Return policy 🔻

You can return your order if it does not match the published features, or is scratched or broken

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